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Denmark is a country that is made up of the Jutland peninsula and its offshore islands. These islands link Scandinavia and Europe with the help of the Oresund Bridge.


Finland is a country in the North Eastern part of Europe that is bordered by Sweden and Russia. The capital city of Helsinki is located atop a peninsula and there are coastal islands in the Baltic Sea.


“What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is one phrase that is enough to tell you about the glittering lifestyle that the city enjoys. Las Vegas offers limitless entertainment options.


Miami is located on the Atlantic coast in the state of Florida. This beguiling city is the major centre of finance, commerce, media, arts, entertainment, and international trade.


Located at Central Florida, Orlando happens to be its largest inland city. There are numerous pretty beaches within the city’s proximity perfect for beach bums to spend a few hours here.


Lovingly called as “Marvelous Melbourne” is an essential industry in the Australian state of Victoria.

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